Episode #96: Sales and swinging

Does talking about selling make you feel dirty? Does it give you the sweats and horrors? Does it conjure images of tupperware parties and cheap-suited sales folk? Was a time, not too long past when I’d have told you that uttering the very word would inspire in us an uncontrollable urge to bathe. Not so nowadays, but still we feel there’s better qualified folk to learn from, and none so much as, well, let’s call her Betty.

Betty is our dance instructor. She’s a fruity old dear that never left the 60’s. Somewhere in her 70’s or 80’s (possible even 90’s, we’re not quite sure). Pink rinse, a stratco shed, and a motley collection of aged animals that watch as you waltz. But Betty can dance. And man, can she sell.

Intrigued? Well, allow your old pals a little latitude on this one and come learn the secrets of sales from ol’ Betty.

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